The most expensive mistakes that bettors make

16) Concentrating on bad statistics

You should not bet on the team because he’s your favorite. And you should not bet on it not because they won more matches than his rival, and the numbers suggest that the team has the better defense. Professional punters know how to interpret statistics in order to better estimate the total (and hence total chances) of the team. It is also important to be able to interpret the odds. If you know that this is your weakness, you can eg. Use of our present analysis, which boasts an overall success rate of more than 71%.

17) Betting on the favorite team

Too large percentage of bettors blindly betting on your favorite team. Never for a moment do not consider that it would have bet on rival – despite the statistics, the size of the courses and the like. Their sympathies to that team absolutely kill their rational judgment. You probably know how such an approach ends – in the red. On your favorite team you can still bet, but bet should be supported by any arguments. This should not be that this is your favorite team. When it comes to money, emotions have a party. Betting is business.

18) Abducted after big win

Many bettors to get carried away big win. They think they are invincible … so they begin to gamble recklessly. You can bet on one game and your entire bankroll. Perhaps you can imagine how it turns out.

For many people, so a big win almost the worst thing that can happen to them. Although it sounds like a joke, but these people are not able to be in such a situation continued to hold their betting schedule, so that eventually end up deep in the red.

19) Planting of financial options

You may not have to define betting more than you can afford to lose. Your goal is indeed profit, but as the saying goes: “Hope for the best, count the worst.” Definitely so you must define the wagering money that you need for a meal or mortgage. If you can not resist a bet more than you can afford, there is a real possibility that you are pathological player.

20) Betting on anything

Many bettors want to bet at any price. These people are not willing to wait for some great betting opportunity. They want some action immediately. And if it is possible, wishing action as possible. So betting on every single game (even the games, about which absolutely does not know anything).

This approach is a disaster. Betting is about patience. You have to find a suitable betting opportunity and only then start thinking about a bet. Also, you should focus on spheres that are familiar to you – for example, if you love football, bet on it. It makes no sense to bet on sport, which is unknown to you.

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